Welcome to The Naked Knitting Club…

The naked knitting club is place for people who are searching for something. A place they will not be judged. A place they will be accepted for who they are. A place to feel safe. A home. If you dare to go bare, step outside your comfort zone, life will never be the same again – just ask Cate.

The Naked Knitting Club series follows Cate through the ups and downs of her life. We first meet Cate when she is feeling fed up with her boring mundane live. She is ready for change and certainly taking the monumental step of joining the naked knitting club sets in motion a huge shift in her life. She has exciting new adventures. The eclectic members soon become her friends, and when life gets really tough, she discovers that it is these strangers who are true friends.

The books in the series focus on Cate’s life and together we will find out what happens. Be prepared for a few shocks, lots of laughs, a few tears and you may even get a little angry. This is a rollercoaster read from start to finish.

The first book primarily takes place in London, and a few other locations in the UK, and finally a wedding on a beach in Malibu. There is never a dull moment with this merry band, and just enough time to meet up and knit (a little).

With characters whom you will adore, and a few you won’t, they will become your new best friends.

We invite you to join us and become part of this very select group — pick up the first book today and join THE NAKED KNITTING CLUB –it’s up to you if you dare to get bare…

Are you ready to Cast On?

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Fabulous Story!

A fun, thoughtful and care-filled easy read with characters you can connect to laugh with, and really, really turn against.

Honestly, I had to force myself to put it down