Janet had the idea for the book some 15 years ago, but life got in the way with two international moves (London to US and then to Switzerland). Finally, she listened to her husband, and wrote the book.

She now splits her time between their mountain home and the UK.

Janet Groom
the Author

Janet Groom is a writer, whose own life reads like an adventure story. She grew up in Northern Ireland in the midst of ‘The Troubles’ and it was her love of books and stories that proved to be her lifeline. She is a bit of a nomad, having lived in six countries. 


She worked as a diplomat, computer trainer, and a project manager. As well as writing, Janet is a qualified Transformational Coach, supporting her clients to get back on track to enjoying a happier, healthier and enjoyable life.


Writing brings her joy and when she is not writing, she is walking, baking, reading and making up stories in her head.


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