This section will help you get stared with the basics of knitting, if you are like Cate and new to knitting or need some help to get started again – casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch and casting off.

Knitting - Beginners' Basics

Thanks to Laura at HappyBerry, you can get started (or refresh your knowledged) on the basics.
* Casting on * Knit Stitch * Purl Stitch * Casting off *

Very soon you will be knitting a square with ease and
know how to knit the two key stitches – knit (plain) and purl.

Click here to go to video tutorials by HappyBerry on YouTube
Enjoy 🙂

** Knit a Square**
Now you will be able to knit squares like Cate.
Cast on 40 stitches and knit until when folded on the diagonal it makes a perfect triangle, then cast off. Keep knitting squares the same size and eventual you can make a blanket.

Single Knit Square Bunny (Easy)

How adore, and super easy, is this little bunny.  Just knit a simple square and follow the steps to create your little friend.  Add a pom-pom for a little bunny tail. 

This is super simple and great for beginners and kids to do.

Click here to download the Pattern in PDF

Difference Between UK and US

Who would have thought that there were difference between knitting in the UK and the US, but there are – so to help you make sense, click on the link below to read a useful conversion.

Knitting Conversions UK-US >>>>

Cate's Summer Shawl (Beginner)

This is a great starter project for any beginner. Cate knit hers in a single yarn that changes colours (reminding her of the Aegean Sea where she honeymooned with Mike), so she did not have to keep changing yarn. The final effect was summery and bright.

Click here to download Pattern

Luna's Colourful Socks (Easy)

Luna, like Cate’s Nanny Eileen, loves knitting a pair of socks. Here is a pattern/tutorial to knit a pair of colourful socks, including how to ‘turn the heel’. Perfect gift or just keep your toes toasty in the winter.

Click here to go to Tutorial by Winwick Mum (the Sock-along Lady).

Jo's Loose Knit Sweater (Intermediate)

This is the pattern for Jo’s slash mohair sweater. Jo tends to take a pattern and make it her own. So it is up to you to follow the pattern or be like Jo and mix it up a bit. This is a great intermediate project and looks super cool.  Jo used a mohair wool with a pink yarn together.  Have fun!

Click here to download the Pattern in PDF

Lady's Cable Poncho (Advanced)

Lady loves knitting cable, she adores the intricate patterns. Check out her cable knit poncho (advanced knitters). Looks great for all occasions, and is great for early Autumn days, when there is a chill in the air, or for Bonfire Night.

Click here to download the Pattern in PDF

Check out this Cable Poncho Knitting Tutorial by Happyberry on YouTube

Alice's Baby Rabbit Beanie (Easy)

Alice is baby mad, and with the news that there will be another set of little feet, she starts knitting new baby bits and pieces – including this cute rabbit beanie. Will she have a boy or girl?

Click here to download the Pattern in PDF

Carlos' Sweater (Intermediate)

Carlos loved the idea of this sweater, but he was not really committed to knitting it. Luckily, Cate stepped in and helped out (or was that Alice, and the others?) Certainly it will look great on him.

Click here to download the Pattern in PDF

Xena's Easy Beanie (Easy)

Xena is finding her way to cool – slowly – and this cute beanie is just perfect for a student. Easy and quick to knit. Under Jo’s watchful eye, Xena learns quickly.

Great for beginners – quick to knit and make super gifts for student’s on a tight budget.

Click here to download the Pattern in PDF

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